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Renal Nutrition Course Guatemala 18 & 19 March 2013

This one and a half day training course was developed by our IFKF member organization “FUNDANIER”. It aimed to help dietitians to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake the appropriate dietetic assessment, management and monitoring patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Click here for the program.

To provide the dietitian with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the appropriate approach and counseling for patients with CKD.

The III workshop “The Importance of Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease” was held on March 18 and 19, 2013 in Guatemala City. The Workshop was attended by 57 dietitians and faculty members from the capital city, from several other parts of the country and from three countries of Central America (San Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica)

Six weeks before the workshop, selected reading material was circulated to the delegates. Each day had a series of master classes ( 3 hours on the first day and 8 hours on the second day) with a case discussion sessions of 45 minutes each on the first and second day.

The first day of the workshop was an overview of kidney disease. The second day was devoted to a review of CKD nutrition, tools to assess nutritional status, kidney disease epidemiology, causes for protein caloric wasting, obesity and metabolic syndrome, recommendations for diets for non dialyzed CKD patients and those on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis and minerals and trace elements requirements.

The teaching faculty included Dr. Joel Kopple and three national experts: Licda Victoria Rodriguez, Lic. Cristina and Dr. Randall Lou

Following the workshops, delegates were able to: Describe the most common causes of CKD and the factors that may affect progression

  • To understand how to interpret relevant information: diagnosis, biochemistry, medication, diet and the risk of progression
  • To evaluate the practical aspects of diet therapy in adults on peritoneal dialysis and maintenance hemodialysis
  • To evaluate the practical aspects of diet therapy in children on peritoneal dialysis and maintenance hemodialysis
  • To explain the causes of malnutrition and nutrition related problems requiring intervention in CKD
  • To understand the multidisciplinary approach of patients with CKD

Some of the participants/Faculty members:
Left to right: Nancy Rivera, Mario Hendriquez (El Salvador), Gabriela Guerrero, Edgar Reyes, Karla Sebastian, Joel Kopple (USA), Randall Lou Meda, Victoria Rodriguez, Viviana de Rodas, Lilian Rodriguez, Cristina Brolo.