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World Kidney Day best posters 1st prize Bhutan Kidney Foundation


World Kidney Day best posters 2nd prize: TANKER Foundation


1st price: Kidney Foundation for Children, India

2nd prize: National Kidney Foundation, Malaysia


Best Posters 1st prize: Ayla San, Turkey
World Kidney Day best posters 1st prize Chua Hong Wee, Malaysia
World Kidney Day best posters 2nd prize: Ayse Onat, Turkey and Dina Latif, Egypt

Kidney Foundation Activities
Early Detection and Prevention 1st price: Carlos Castro, Mexico and 2nd prize Ayla San, Turkey


1st prize WKD activities: Tanker Foundation Chennai, India

2nd prize WKD activities: Kidney Foundation of Fiji

Winners IFKF – WKA Activities:

1ST prize IFKF – WKA Activities: Kidney Foundation of Malaysia

2nd prize IFKF – WKA activities: International Kidney Evaluation Association Japan (IKEAJ)


1 Professor Hany Hafez, National Kidney Foundation of Egypt

2 Professor Wan Tin Lee, Kidney Foundation of Malaysia

3 Professor Ayla San, Anatolia Kidney Foundation, Turkey


Winners IFKF – WKA Activities:

1 Mrs Maria Fernanda Arce Amare, AMEATIR, Mexico City

2 Professor Susumu Takahashi, IKEAJ, Japan

3 Mrs Patricia Molina, Fundacion Padrino, Honduras


Winners Most Creative Posters:

Ms Aysa Onat, Turkish Kidney Foundation

Mrs Anne Wilson, Kidney Health Australia

Mr Peter Storey, Kidney Research UK

World Kidney Day Red Jaliscience por la Salud Renal, Mexico
Turkish Kidney Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey
Fundacion Hondutena del Nino con del Insuficienc Renal (FUNHIR), Tegudgalpa, Honduras

Kidney Foundation: The Kidney Foundation of Canada, Montreal, Canada
Fundacion Suficiente AMOR, Gudalajara, Mexico
Fundacion Renal de El Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador

Contributions from:

National Kidney Foundation India

St. Margit Kidney Foundation Hungary:

Moroccan Kidney Federation FMAIRTO

The visual poster in a digital format will be on the website on short notice. The received poster abstract submission forms untill now already can be downloaded:

Running titles:

Turkish Kidney Foundation:
Running titles:

International Kidney Evalution Association Japan
Running titles:

National Kidney Foundation Malaysia
Running titles:

Anatolia Kidney Foundation
Running titles:

Best Kidney Foundation Activities Poster:
First Prize – National Kidney Foundation of New Zealand
Second Prize – Dutch Kidney Foundation
Second Prize – Kidney Health Australia
Second Prize – National Kidney Foundation of Bangledesh
Second Prize – Pro-Renal Kidney Foundation

Best World Kidney Day Poster:
First Prize – National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia
Second Prize –National Kidney Foundation of Turkey
Second Prize – International Kidney Evaluation Association Japan

World Kidney Day Poster Competion 2010

Overall winners
– 1st Prize: Charitable Foundation for Special Diseases – Iran
– 2nd Prize: Tanker Foundation – India
– 3rd Prize: International Kidney Evaluation Association Japan (IKEAJ) – Japan

Kidney Foundation Programs/Activities
– 1st Prize: National Kidney Foundation India – Mumbai, India
– 2nd Prize: National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia
– 3rd Prize: Bulgarian Kidney Foundation

WKD Poster Competition Guidelines
– Each  International IFKF – WKA Meeting features a World Kidney Day Poster Session, focusing on your local activities for this event.
Poster size:- 1 metre tall x 70cm wide, readable from 1.5 metres.

1.     World Kidney Day 2012 in your area
2.     Early Detection and Prevention in your country
3.     Access to treatment in your country
4.     Funding strategies for your World Kidney Day