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  • Better kidney health for all.
  • Optimal care for people affected with Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure.


To leading a worldwide movement to

  • Promote better kidney health with primary, secondary and tertiary preventive measures.
  • Promote optimal treatment and care so as to maximize the health, quality of life, and longevity for people with or at high risk for developing Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure.

Strategic objectives

IFKF-WKA - A worldwide renal Community

  • To establish an international community and a network for people and organizations who are committed to improving the health and care of people with or at high risk for developing Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure.
  • To act as a global advocate for issues related to Kidney Health and Kidney Disease.
  • To partner with stakeholders, healthcare professionals, interested people, including patients and patient advocacy groups and related organizations worldwide.
  • To co-design, co-produce programs and projects with stakeholders.
  • To share expertise, experience, knowledge and resources.
  • To advocate and promote an effective, efficient and high-quality healthcare system across the world for the prevention and care of patients with or at high risk for developing Kidney disease or Kidney failure
  • To promote patient-centred care, patient engagement and empowerment.
  • To promote and conduct World Kidney Day activities.
  • To promote education programs worldwide.
  • To promote research concerning the kidney, disease and the care of kidney patients.