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As the annual fee is set at a low level for all members and members can apply for fee reduction, IFKF-WKA cordially invite member to contribute additional funding for IFKF-WKA by taking up sponsorship/ partnership options.


  • To raise fund for the operation and programs of IFKF-WKA.
  • To establish a partnership with other parties.


Member of IFKF-WKA, institution, corporation, provider of renal product/equipment and the pharmaceutical company, philanthropist/organization.

Different levels of sponsorship and recognization (for a long term partnership):

For a cumulative* donation of Level
US $10,000+ Platinum
US $5000 - $9,999 Diamond
US $2500 - $4999 Gold
US $10,000+ Platinum
US $1000 - $2499 Silver
US $500 - $999 Broze
US$100 - $499 Friend

* To recognize the cumulative donation from a particular organization/person over a period of 3 years. (i.e. donation made more than 3 years ago will no longer be counted in the current cumulative total)