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The IFKF- WKA Toolkit

To grow your organistion strong at an International IFKF - WKA Annual International Meeting a suggestion was made to develop a Toolkit for our Council Members which would benefit the development and growth of new and developing Kidney Foundations, Organisation and Patient groups. The first step in the development process has been made.

Modules supporting this pilot program are:

  • Template for Kidney Early Evaluation Programs
  • Developing Local Fundraising Proposals
  • Model for Developing Your ‘Public Health Agenda’
  • Examples of Tax Exemption Opportunities
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Industry Sponsored Employee/Volunteer Training

Establishing Effective Foundations, Charities, Not For Profit Organisations

There a number of basic issues to address that are common to all organisations and geographies, plus a number that can only finally be addressed when the legislation in each country or region is known. The first ten questions to be asked are:

1.  Why are we starting a Foundation/Charity?

2.  What ‘Gap’ are we trying to fill?

3.  What type of activity does this then result in for the organisation?

  • Advocacy organisation
  • Campaigning organisation
  • Education and Awareness organisation
  • Funding organisation e.g. Research/Service delivery/Capital project
  • Service delivery organisation (healthcare and screening delivery)
  • Direct patient support organisation (social care)
  • Combination of any of the above

4.  How will this activity be funded?

Patient membership

  • Government funded
  • Industry funded
  • Public donation funded
  • Volunteer or Philanthropic support
  • Combination of the above

5.  Who else is providing my identified activities?

  • Charity or Foundation
  • Government
  • Private or Public Company
  • Combination

6.  Who are the stakeholders in the organisation?

  • Trustees or Non Executive Directors
  • Key Professional and Government bodies
  • Employees
  • Volunteers

7.  What is the ‘Local’ legislation regarding Charity and or Foundation formation and operation: This can usually be found on Government and/or specific Charity legislation web sites. A Google search in any specific country will identify the process and regulations for registration.

8.  What are the Governance structures that will be required and help support the objectives of the organisation?

9.  What Controls do we need to effectively and efficiently manage the organisation and its activities?

  • Financial
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource

10.  What pro-bono resources are available to assist in the creation and or continued operation of the organisation. Therefore you are establishing your need in the market, understanding your competition and allowing you to establish some of the basic information needs required to register as a foundation such as:

  • How you will register (Charity/Foundation or NFP Company)
  • What your Charitable Objects or Activities will be
  • The creation of a vision and a mission for the effect leadership and operation of the organisation