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Our regularly updated IFKF - WKA Inventory Resources (March 2020) is the most accessed document on our website.

This resource is used extensively by health professionals seeking multilingual information for patients, to locate a particular kidney foundation or group for various reasons, or to gain local 'kidney' community insight to support their patients wishing to travel.

Many of our  IFKF - WKA Council Members offer education resources in both their local language and English. Most Council Members are delighted to share their resources and materials with other Council Members, to save on time and precious funds.

New IFKF - WKA members are encouraged to develop similar resources for their communities in local language, while observing existing copyright and obtaining permission to copy.

If utilising other Member education resources (with their permission) ensure you use a reputable translator, skilled at working in health education. You should also ensure treatment methods are in line with your local standards and practice.