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Read the World Kidney Day Scientific Editorial

Read the World Kidney Day Scientific Editorial:

As part of its annual campaign to increase awareness and to emphasize World Kidney Day’s (WKD) message, its Steering Committee submits a scientific editorial to a wide range of medical journals. This year, the editorial was jointly written by Dr. Robyn G. Langham, Prof. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, Prof. Ann Bonner et al. and focuses on health literacy. It argues that improving health literacy largely rests with health care providers who have a responsibility o communicate and educate effectively in codesign partnership with those with kidney disease. For kidney policy makers, a focus on health literacy can be the catalyst to shift organizations’ culture towards one that places the person at the center of health care. It will be published in some 20 journals – including Kidney International – and you can read it here.


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Join the WKD community in a live webinar on, ” Bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care”!

Join us on March 10 to celebrate World Kidney Day with a webinar followed by a live chat and participate in a unique online activity that brings the WKD community together! Two sessions, at 11 am CET and 10 pm CET, are held to enable all those interested to participate. Register for our webinar depending on your time zone!


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Consensus Meeting

A 6-hour-long hybrid Consensus Conference (in-person/ZOOM)
“Living Well with Kidney Disease – Effective Symptom Management”, Consensus Conference,
At the Hilton Hawaiian Village, in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI,

Healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, Kidney patients and other stakeholders joined the conference

The consensus conference is organized by the International Federation of Kidney Foundations – World Kidney Alliance (IFKF-WKA) in collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii (NKF-HI)

The topics of the presentations are related to the following broad themes:

  • Living Well with Kidney Disease
  • Effective Symptom Management to Improve Quality of Life
  • Treating Pruritis, Fatigue, Pain, Sleep and Mental Health
  • Expanding Preservative Management and Home Dialysis Therapies
  • Empowering Patients and Care-Partners ·Kidney Patients Speak: Why Managing Unpleasant Symptoms Matters to Kidney Patients 
  • Health Care Providers and Experts for Symptom Management in Kidney Disease: Pruritus and Related Unpleasant Symptoms 
  • Kidney Patients Speak: Kidney Patients’ Expectations from Management of their Unpleasant Symptoms
  • Health Care Providers and Experts for Symptom Management in Kidney Disease: Symptom Clusters, Patient-Centered Outcomes, and Quality of Life in Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Kidney Foundation and Kidney Platforms Speak: How to Make Kidney Platform More Patient-Centered
  • Matters Relevant to Kidney Care, Anxiety and Stigmas of Kidney Disease and the Words “End-Stage” and “Failure”